10 Things You Need To Take On A Motorcycle Trip

10 Things You Need To Take On A Motorcycle Trip
10 Things You Need To Take On A Motorcycle Trip

For every single driving adventure, you always wander around and around on how to pack wisely for a complete and safety trip. Traveloka would like to hand you a completely guide on how to prepare your trip with an into-detailed way!

Northwest Vietnam, the amazing place for Motorcycle trip
Northwest Vietnam, the amazing place for Motorcycle trip

Full sets for bikers (recommended)

Highlight gears

  1. Motorbike:

1.1 Make sure your motorbike under complete maintenance before driving.

1.2 Personal documents (yours and your bike’s, of course!)

1.3 Gears for your motorbike.

  1. Personal stuffs along the way.
  2. Group common stuffs. 


Make sure your motorbike was under complete maintenance before driving

+ Change your lubricant.

+ Check the tires – ensure they are still good for drips and not to be “bitted”. Highly recommended to replace all by new tires. Replace even it’s a new tire but its grip is not in good condition.

+ Check the bike battery, hooter, headlights, taillights, turning-light, bugi…everything should be at their best!

+ Get full 2 rearview mirrors.

Personal documents

+ Personal ID (recommended)

+ Motorbike registration docs (required)

+ Driving license (required)

+ Motorbike insurance docs (required)

+ Passport (in case you are driving near the border and suddenly have a cross-border visit)

Gears for your bike-buddy

+ Helmet – highly recommended the type having wind-defense glass, as much as it could defense. Remember, traveling by motorbike is quite touch-and-go, it’s understandable to invest a good helmet – not just a “coping” type.

+ Helmet gears (ear cover): good to keep ears warm!

+ Motorbike pads: A bag full range of tools for minor repairs along the way. It’s should be also included a small rubber hose and a plastic bottle of 1.5 liters for some case you need to suck gasoline between bikes.

+ Ropes: 3-4 pieces are recommended – cording your backpack behind and in front of the bike. The ropes should better be the rubber bands cut from the automobile tubes which can be purchased at the shops selling construction materials.

+ Tires, Bugi: each Bikers should prepare 2 tires and 1 bugi specified for the bikes!

+ Thin plastic yellow bag (5 – 7 pcs each bike) + tapes:

Use while driving in fog weather (There the fog comes, quickly take this bag cover the bike’s light, avoid using the headlight which will cause dazzled for people driving from opposite side and their eyesight decrease when driving in the fog.)

Attention: Fill the gasoline before driving. Rule for group driving is trying not to stop sporadically along the way for gasoline. All the group will keep a fixed route to fill the

gasoline at a certain place (except some cases of emergency).

Biker can always come to Northwest Vietnam to enjoy the awesome road trip by plane. You can book from three cheapest airlines here:

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Vietnam Airlines


A famous motor rider
A famous motor rider

Personal Stuffs along the way


  1. 01 small backpack – to put in front of the motorbike: to pack emergency supplies and frequently used on the road as: camera, raincoat (avoid to use 2-wings raincoat); Umbrella (before taking raincoat, umbrellas keep us not to get wet by sudden rains!); drinking water (each motorbike should take 2 bottles 0.5 liters and 1 thermos bottle to keep tea or coffee), snacks (biscuits, candies…), flashlight and medicines.
  2. 01 mailer bag – used instead of backpack: having 2 compartments enough for usage of biker and behind-er! It’s extremely useful for long haul driving since the time for gasoline fill-in will be extended, and more important it’s narrow the space to sit on motorbike.

Electronic devices (mobile phone, music player, camera, charger…)

+ Mobile phone: Strong signal, lengthy battery, have earphones (should use this while driving to avoid accidents), better to have GPS (avoid… “lost in the city”). SIM should be from one of the three: Vinaphone/MobiFone/Viettel which have strong signals even in remote areas).

+ Charger: camera, mobile phones… >> try not to leave at home, you will cry in vain through the trip.      

+Music players (Ipod, sony Walkman…): Music helps to defense the sleepiness, especially you are driving through the vast forested mountain and singing excitedly.


To drive for long hours, especially in the harsh weather, glasses are important gears. You should carry along 2 types:

+ Sunglasses for daytime driving: they could be a black sunglass or shady or photochromic glass.  

+ Glasses for night time driving: general glasses.

Driving gloves:

+ Driving gloves (highly recommended to get one pair of gloves while driving!) to seize your grasp sense, feel more grip and avoid scratches to hand if, unfortunately, having pumped the motorbike and need to hand down against the road.  

+Plastic gloves: In case of raining, you should bring also some pair of plastic gloves (which use for cooking). Better to get 2 pairs to change while infusing dew or get wet by rains.

–  Gauze masks: a must-have item – should bring 3 of them (the best choice is Mong scarf – not only warm but also flexible to use even to keep warm)

– Shoes – Flats – Boots:

+ Shoes for travel: sports shoes or hiking specific shoes.

+ Flat: get 1 pair to passing the stream if your route might need or easier using at the hostel.

+ Rubber boots: for rains and mudding roads.

+ Thin-Plastic: use in or outside shoes to keeping from wet by rains. Thin plastic is easy to be torn out so it’s better to keep by your side some pairs of them.

– Knee & Elbow wrap (around 350,000 VND)

Scarf: should not use a wool scarf. Use cotton or plain fabric scarfs for easier drying along the way.

Food: to provide calories:

+Chocolate: gain calories and energy fast.

+Snack: on your choices.

+Canned food.

+Drinking water: 0.5liter per each, fulfill at every stops.

+Tea and coffee: extremely needed to keep awake. Should use a thermos bottle and also some coffee candy.

Clothes: should wear thick clothes, anti-wind, dust and limit scratches. It’s recommended to invest on the specific clothes for driving which is quite expensive but worthy. (All the clothes should be covered by thick plastic bag before put in the backpack)


+Raincoat: should buy 2-pcs raincoat, anti-wind and rain at the same time. Don’t buy paper raincoat or 2 wings type which is really plagued and dangerous.

+Clothes: 1 – 2 pairs. Easy changing if getting wet.

+Inside clothes: 1 pair per day.

+Sleeping Clothes: 1 pair.

+Wool t-shirt: 2 pcs.

+Jacket: 1 pcs.

+Vietnam T-shirt: trendy!

– Personal washing stuffs: towel, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, bath cotton…or even cleanser, lotion, perfume, bath shower.    

 First-Aid Bag: Cotton wool, gauze, bandages, antiseptics, medicines for headaches, stomachache (Berperin), fever (Panadol is very appropriated)… 

+ 1 Salonpas bag, 1 bottle of deep-heat to reduce muscle pains when climbing, heating-oil (White Tiger!), some Arezon packs (the drinking type using for children’s diarrhea) to drink avoid dehydration.

– Plastic bags:

+ Big plastic bags to cover the backpack (should use the backpack having its own raincoat)

+Small plastic bag to keep dirty clothes and trash.


+ Knives; Drag; flashlight (using to “geckos” or troubleshooting in the nighttime);

+ Hair dryer (especially required, because not only drying the hair but also needing in the rainy/foggy weather, we can’t wait for each other all night just to turn to dry clothes …)

– Wet tissues (really useful!)

– Long ropes: for trekking/hiking.

Life is not meant staying in one place
Life is not meant staying in one place

Group common stuffs

– Map

– Group full-list of bikers & behind-er included:

+ Name:

+ Telephone:




+Position in group (while driving)

*Handling to all the group members.

On long trips, there should be a specific schedule for each day for every member to be aware. 

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