Da Ban Waterfall

Da Ban waterfall

Da Ba waterfall is a tourist destination

“Well hidden, the long journey here involves bumpy dirt roads with no signage, but is worth the effort. More of an elevated stream than a waterfall, water babbles over the rocky surface. Take a picnic and turn it into a half day excursion.”

Da Ban waterfall Phu Quoc
Da Ban waterfall Phu Quoc

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That used to be the wording of our travel guide until we sent a team of writers to Phu Quoc Island to check the many attractions of “Vietnam’s Pearl Island”, evaluate and verify the attractivity of each one.

Unfortunately we discovered that Da Ban Stream is just a dumpster, bare of any touristic value. Trash and garbage wherever you look.

Yes, the original landscape is beautiful, so if people would take care of it, it would be a nice place to visit. But currently… Nope.

Da Ban waterfall in Phu Quoc
Da Ban waterfall in Phu Quoc

Travel guide

We strongly recommend, not to waste your time at this place and instead to check out:

  • Painting Stream, a picturesque landscape park that is popular among tourists and locals alike. You can sit in the water and have the waterfall massage your back.
  • Or Fairy Stream, which is harder to find, but natural and picturesque. A perfect place to lay back and enjoy the low mumbling of the stream while you watch the clouds.